What to do in The Dolomites

What to do in The Dolomites

The Dolomites are a mountain range located in north-eastern Italy. A grandiose creation of nature, which cannot be expressed in words. The Dolomites offer a magnificent panorama: mountains constructed with walls of rock, ice caps, karst systems, unbelievably high spires, towers, and pinnacles – mountains molded and shaped by the elements, and where the cultures of Italy, Germany, and the native Ladin community all meet and intertwine.

But it’s not just nature, skiing, climbing, cycling, admiring picturesque lakes, but also high-quality products, traditional food, and wine. The area is famous for a selection of excellent wines, including the famous Brut Trento DOC, as well as for the production of the most typical Italian distillate: Grappa.

Wine, its flavor, and bespoke Dolomites itinerary including; travel along lakes and vineyards make for an authentic experience.


When is the right time to visit the Dolomites? 

Dolomites Italy summer:- The summer season is a popular time for tourists visiting the Dolomites for hiking, mountain biking, and climbing.

The summer months in Italy are warm and sunny with temperatures that average between 22-27 degrees Celsius. The Dolomites provide an ideal location for taking part in some great outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering, or horse riding.

What to see in the Dolomites? 

1. Explore the Christmas markets

Lovingly designed ornaments and fairy lights on snow-clad trees and houses will give you a new, completely different experience in the Dolomites. Let yourself be seduced by the scent of roasted chestnuts and sweet cinnamon, warm yourself with one or two hot cups of tea or mulled wine.

2. Dolomites Italy hiking

The Dolomites are a mountain range in northern Italy. They are known for their spectacular scenery and hiking trails.

The Dolomites is the most popular destination for hikers from all over the world, as it offers some of the best hikes in Europe.

3. Dolomites Italy skiing

Dolomites Italy is a ski destination in the Alps of Northern Italy. Winter ski holidays in the dolomites are a good option because of the high elevation and long season.

The region has been popular for its ski resorts since the early 1900s. The mountain range is comprised of some of the most impressive peaks in Europe, including the Piz Bernina and Piz Badile.

4. Cycling and mountain biking

Unforgettable mountain bike tours between high mountains and crystal-clear lakes are guaranteed in the Dolomites.

Experience the most beautiful bike routes in the Dolomites: cycle through valleys up to the peaks and over mountain pastures. Explore the most beautiful places in the Dolomites, from the Gardena pass to the Fiscalina Valley.

5. Visit one of the lakes or natural parks in the Dolomites

The most popular destinations among the lakes in the Dolomites are Lake Carezza in the Val d’Ega holiday region, the magically turquoise Sorapis Lake and Lake Misurina in the province of Belluno, and of course, the famous Lago di Braies in Alta Pusteria.

Natural treasures such as the world-famous Three Peaks, the Geisler Group and the Lake of Braies will provide wonderful magical moments for you and your loved ones during your holiday in the Dolomites.

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