What to do in Lombardy & Lake Como?

Lake Como, situated in the region of Lombardy, is the third-largest lake in Italy, after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore, and its banks host enchanting villiages such as Bellagio, Varenna, Tremezzo and Menaggio.

It is considered an iconic lake destinations known for its scenic beauty, mountain views and historic lakeside residence. At over 400 metres (1,300 ft) deep, it is the fifth-deepest lake in Europe, and the deepest outside Norway; the bottom of the lake is more than 200 metres (660 ft) below sea level.

Lake Como or Lario, a harmonious combination of water and land, is shaped like an epsilon formed by its constituent branches: the Colico basin, the Como branch and the Lecco branch.

It is unique thanks to its mild climate and amazing landscape with a thousand hues: the blue of its clear waters, the green of its forests and lush parks, the grey of its rocky terrain and stone villages nestled between the lake and the mountains, rich in history and culture.

Lake Como is ideal for romantic weekends, holidays with family or friends, and for all water sports enthusiasts and trekkers, thanks to numerous scenic trails through the mountains.

What to do in Lake Como?

Best things to do in Lake Como Italy include:

Enjoy Numerous Beautiful Villas:

The lake is known for the beautiful villas built here in Roman times, many with delightful gardens, favoured by the mild climate.

Each villa has its own unique charm and atmosphere. Most Lake Como’s villas are located outside Como city.

Some of them – like Villa d’Este – have become luxury hotels, while others provide exceptional activities for the whole family to enjoy.


Other things to do on Lake Como Italy include:

Stroll Around Charming Villages:

Explore the small villages dotting the lake.

The entire perimeter of Lake Como is studded with charming villages and towns. The most popular destinations are definitely BellagioVarenna and the city that gives its name to the lake, Como

You can get around by boat, car or even bus. 

Take a Boat Tour

Whether you come to Lake Como for a day or stay for a longer period, hop aboard a boat, relax and head for your favourite towns or perhaps one of the historic villas on the lake.

Adore Breathtaking Scenery

You don’t want to miss some of Lake Como’s main landmarks and attractions. The northern part of Lake Como, is an area rich in mountains, with uncontaminated landscape beauties.

Lake Como offers up endless ways to keep yourself busy and entertained.

For nature lovers, it’s easy to lose yourself in the breathtaking scenery – particularly when set against the backdrop of snowcapped mountains as far as the eye can see. 

There are lots of opportunities for fun-filled family days out here – and plenty of activities to discover between May and October that are sure to ensure your trip away is never boring!

Don’t Miss Yoga Classes

Yoga classes in Lake Como are famous worldwide. Don’t miss the yoga classes and explore the beauty of Lake Como.

The hilly area around Lake Como, where typically houses and castles are on the hillside, is perfect for yoga practice too. Yoga is becoming extremely popular worldwide and is increasing in demand in the Lake Como region. 

Check out the places near you that host yoga classes and events. Or simply sit back and relax, looking at the beauty of Lake Como on your yoga adventure! 

Practice Trekking on Lake Como

If you are planning to visit Lake Como, then don’t miss the trekking here. The whole region is spotless, the air is clean, there are no high-rise buildings and therefore you can see unlimited natural beauty on all sides of the lake. 

Trekking in Lake Como is one of the best ways to enjoy nature.

The territory offers in fact different paths, suitable for every level, united by the beauty and variety of landscapes. Along the routes you will discover the authenticity and the beauty of the Larian triangle that develops between Como, Bellagio and Lecco, occupied mainly by the pre-alpine reliefs including the Grigne Group, which dominates the lake landscape.

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