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Italy is a country with the largest number of natural spas. The mineral-rich, vulcanic Mediterranean terrain is geographically ideal for hot springs that pop up.
For the Etruscans, they were sacred waters where they could restore well-being and health. For the ancient Romans much more: not only did they know the beneficial effects of thermal waters, but the baths were the place to create well-being, beauty, and important relationships.
The culture of the thermal baths of Imperial Rome set a school for the whole of Europe and even today, Italy is still the country with the highest quality spas in the world.
We will help you to choose the right resort to suit your individual needs – wellness programs, nutritional advice, healing treatments, or relaxation and de-stress, you just need to decide which one will be the key feature of your perfect holiday.
Italy is a country with a rich history of spas and relaxation. It has been voted the world’s most visited nation, with over 70 million tourists visiting in 2017 alone.
The country has more than 5,000 spas, some of these are well known for their traditional treatments such as Valpolicella Terme and Sirmione Terme.

Valpolicella Terme is located in Verona, Italy, and has been around since 1606. It offers a variety of treatments such as hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and reflexology. There are also fitness activities such as swimming and cycling available on site.

Montecatini Terme is located near Pistoia and not far from Florence, and offers a wide range of treatments such as hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, massage therapy, yoga classes, and more. They also offer fitness activities like swimming and cycling on site.

Terme di Saturnia is a spa town in the province of Grosseto in Italy. It is located in Tuscany and has been known for its thermal baths, mineral springs, and health resorts since ancient times. Terme di Saturnia spa was built in 1752 by the architect Carlo Fontana. 

Abano Terme is a spa town in the province of Padua, Italy. It is located about 60 kilometers north of Venice, and it has been around since ancient Rome, back then t was known as Aquae Arnensis. The Romans built thermal baths here to heal their soldiers after battles and to take care of their health issues during the winter months.

The town has been visited by many famous people including Leonardo da Vinci, who wrote about its springs and baths, Queen Elizabeth I of England who visited to escape from her husband’s court intrigues, King Francis I of France who visited to escape from his wife’s court intrigues and Emperor Napoleon

Sirmione Terme

The Sirmione Terme is a spa town in the province of Brescia, Italy. It is a popular tourist destination and has been featured in many films. Sirmione Terme has been attracting visitors for centuries due to its natural springs and thermal baths, which are said to have healing properties.

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